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Five ways to repurpose your wine bottles

At Casa Wines we take great pride in delivering quality wines from talented winemakers, direct to your door. But what do you do with all those empty bottles? Glass is recyclable and can be endlessly reprocessed with no loss in quality, but why not get a little thrifty instead? Give old bottles a new lease of life with these simple craft projects. From handy tools to fancy home decor, here’s how to upcycle your favourite wine bottles.

To lighten the lockdown some of us have turned to arts and crafts, some home renovation and others wine. Whichever one you are, we’ve got you covered with these DIY wine bottle crafts. Gather up all your leftover bottles to inspire your creativity and brighten up your interior home.


Transform your wine vessel into an elegant vase. Perfect for flowers or mere decoration, a wine bottle vase adds charm to any home. Display as is or add colour with a coat of glass enamel paint. Enamel paint can be found at most art stores, use alongside a surface conditioner for an opaque look. Prime your bottle with the surface conditioner before pouring in the enamel paint, swirl to coat and drain any excess. Allow 48 hours to dry and add a bouquet or a single flower for the perfect interior accessory. 

Wine Vase - Casa Wines


Succulents are the perfect plant, not only are they easy to care for, they are also easy to  propagate.To showcase the beauty of your low maintenance plants, why not display your terrarium in a glass bottle. Start by cleaning out your bottle then add an inch of cactus soil. Seperate your succulents into single stem plantlets (roots intact) and place them into the bottle. Nestle the roots into the soil and keep them out of direct sunlight, water every two weeks. 


To add a vintage look to your home opt for the classic candle in a bottle. This timeless decoration is great for creating ambiance at dinner parties, aiding relaxation in the bath or adding an eerie atmosphere to a Halloween party. Perhaps the easiest of our crafts all you have to do is clean out the bottle, dry fully with paper towels and then insert a dripless candle secured with candle adhesive.

Casa Wines Wine Bottle Candle


Decorative Lights 

Every house is made better with fairy lights, but if you're renting you may not have the luxury of decorating your walls. Fortunately, empty wine bottles can help, feed strands of battery powered twinkle lights into your wine bottle for a magical year round display. For an outdoor ornament perfect for weddings or parties, fill your bottle with lamp oil and wicks. Display under a glass hurricane for protection.


Casa Wines Wine Bottle Candle Lights LEDs Twinkle


Bird Feeder 

Create your own DIY bird feeder with a few simple steps. First start by drilling two or three holes into the bottom of your wine bottle, next using epoxy glue a mid sized saucer to the bottom. Add a copper wire or bendable wire to the top of the bottle to create a small hanger and lastly fill the bottle with bird seed. Hang your finished bird feeder from a tree and you're done! Enjoy bird watching in the Summer sun.

Wine bottles are a lot more versatile than you think. Create something beautiful and new out of your empty wine bottles with these simple crafts. Now you have another excuse to drink wine! Discover your new favourite bottle at Casa Wines today, get it delivered to your door in just a few clicks; choose from our range of Red Wine Cases, White Wine Cases & Pre Mixed Cases.