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20 pack ABK Edel Bavarian Beer

20 pack ABK Edel Bavarian Beer

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EDEL Bavarian Beer

  • Lovely malty beer with biscuit sweetness, an aroma of fresh baked bread and hints of apples and pears
  • Lively and refreshing
  • Dortmunder style packed with flavour
  • Case of 20 500ml bottles

Beer Characteristics:

The ABK Edel won Best Dortmunder 2017 at the World Beer Championships.

What makes this beer unique

  • Pale straw colour with golden hints and a velvety white frothy head, which reduces gently to some light lacing.
  • To the nose, Edel is mostly hops mixed with a biscuit sweetness and a freshly baked bread aroma with a hint of sweet apples and pears.
  • Easily drinkable. Crisp and refreshing.

Will you like it?

If you like a more malty beer, with a hint of biscuity sweetness, this deep gold beer is the beer for you.