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Cancellation: As a consumer, you can cancel your order for any reason up to 7 working days from the date of delivery of the wine, provided that all of the bottles are unopened and intact. We will refund the full price you have paid to us for that order within 30 days from the date of cancellation. Any wine delivered must be made available for our collection and we reserve the right to charge the cost to us of recovering the wine.

Returning defective products: In the unlikely event that our wine does not conform to the quality standards above, is otherwise defective or is not what you ordered, please let us know promptly after delivery. If you notice a mistake made by us after you have received the wine, we would appreciate it if you would please notify us within 48 hours. You must make any rejected wine available for collection by our courier if we request and take reasonable care of it pending collection. We will promptly refund any payment made by you for defective or incorrect wine that we have supplied. If, however, you reject wine which is not defective or incorrect (and you are not otherwise entitled to cancel your order), we reserve the right to charge you the direct cost to us of collecting, testing, storing and redelivering the rejected wine.

Errors made by us: We try to ensure that our descriptions and prices are accurate. If, prior to delivery to you, we discover an error in relation to the wine you have ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible to give you the option of either confirming your order subject to correction of the error or cancelling your order (and receiving a full refund of any prepayments you have made). If we are not reasonably able to ascertain your preference, your order will be treated as cancelled.

Correcting your mistakes: If you want to correct any mistakes you made in your order, you must inform us by telephone or by email prior to both your order being accepted and the wine being delivered. If you inform us of your mistake after your order is accepted or after the wine is delivered, we may, at our sole discretion, agree to amend your order (but we reserve the right to charge you for recovering the wine from you and for delivery of its replacement to you, where applicable).